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Our Story

  • We do the work you don't want to do so you can get back to doing what you are good at!

  • We find the right crew at the right time - ensuring quality workmanship.

  • We source the jobs, and manage the contracts and schedules so installers can focus on one thing - quality work!

The idea for SubHub came about a couple of years ago when I was chatting with my wife, Susan. She encouraged me to find a way to use all the years of experience, knowledge, and passion I had to make a difference in the commercial roofing industry.


She asked me, " What are the biggest pain points in the industry, and how can you help solve them?"

My answer came easily - there are two big problems. The first is that general contractors often struggle to find and keep quality installation crews. The second is that installation crews often don't know how to find good jobs and are left unpaid or undervalued.

 An "Aha" moment came when I realized how much time and effort I could save installation crews and general contractors if I stepped into the void to bring them together.

I have spent years learning about products,  focusing on improving quality installation methods, and training crews to be the best they can be.  At the same time, I have seen poor-quality work and felt the pain of contractors left hanging, unable to find quality installers to finish jobs.

With SubHub, crews don't have to spend countless hours finding jobs, and general contractors can be assured that the job will be done correctly - exceeding their expectations without the need for in-house crews.

SubHub Roofing Solutions is a way that I can use my knowledge and passion to make the industry better - for everyone! This is truly a WIN WIN! 


 - Thomas Stevens

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